Wafe Dregg

Incendiary Half-Elf Druid


Wafe grew up knowing he would work with the stone of the mountain to continue the never ending process of repairing and rebuilding The Keep that had been the home of his clan for far longer than even the oldest clansmen could remember. It’s what you did; you grew up and learned to fight to defend The Keep and worked with the stone to repair The Keep. Hundreds of years of the elements and, until recently, all manner of evil that could be thought of took its toll. The Keep was the only thing between Clan Greaben and their extinction. So it was understandable that everyone learned to work to defend and repair their keep/home.

Wafe knew the work was important, and he knew he would work hard at it because of the importance of the keep and his duty to his clan. But that didn’t mean he had to enjoy the work. The survival of the clan came first before everything else. Wafe had been taught that since before he could remember.

As a young adult Wafe started to have ‘accidents’. It’s a good thing most things in The Keep were made of stone. It started with fires sometimes acting strangely around him. Later objects he held would begin to grow warm and over time flammable objects would start to smoke and in time actually ignite. It was never enough to be a serious threat to anyone, but it was inconvenient to say the least.

Wafe spent years learning to control the flames that seemed to burn within his spirit and all but demanded to get out whether or not Wafe wanted it to. In time he learned to get a handle on the flames and even begin to use them. During this time something else started to happen as well. Wafe started to have dreams, while awake as well as asleep, that seemed to be from the Ancestor. There was no learning curve for this. From the very first dream from the Ancestor it was clear that Wafe was supposed to use the abilities he had been trusted with to make sure Clan Greaben survived, just as he had always been taught. But something else was also clear now that the world had begun to calm and every ounce of strength was no longer needed to survive from day to day. Clan Greaben was indeed to survive, but it was clear that the Ancestor wanted Clan Greaben to begin to thrive, and somehow Wafe was supposed to try to begin the process to make this happen.

Wafe knew there was much more to the abilities that he had begun to control. He knew that there was a mastery over the elemental flames that raged within his soul that he could not yet begin to grasp. But he knew it was within his abilities someday. And he also knew that only through this mastery could he hope to someday fulfil his assigned mission of making Clan Greaben thrive in this new world. Evils, Creatures, or Old Gods be Damned!

Wafe was terrified by the enormity of what had been placed on his shoulders, but he was excited by it also. And best of all, he wouldn’t have to work the stone. He knew why it was important, and he knew that it was part of the duty to the clan, and he knew that he would have done it willingly. But he now knew he had something bigger he had to accomplish. If he could be successful then perhaps in time The Keep would no longer be necessary, or at least less important.

Wafe smiled to himself as an orb of flame twice the size of his fist came to life in the palm of his hand where nothing had sat a moment before. He would master his abilities. The clan was what was good in the world, and Wafe would do whatever it took for good to succeed and prosper in his new world.


Wafe Dregg

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