The Old Gods


The Champion, The Avenger, The Smith

Kor is the holy warrior, the patron of just war and social order. Kor is also the God of metal working and the forge.


The Healer, The Dawn, Daughter of Spring

Mej is the Goddess of healing, agriculture, and light. Her rituals were performed every spring by farmers hoping for healthy crops and animals. Her Temples were centers of healing. A small sect of her warrior priests dedicated their lives to hunting down and destroying the undead.


The Hunter, The Traveler, The Archer

Tan is the God of hunters and woodsmen. He is the God of travel and of new beginnings. 


The Lawgiver, The Judge, The Builder

Drahd is the god of cities and order. His Priesthood oversaw criminal trials and disputes between people and kingdoms. Drahd is also the God of stone buildings and permanent structures. 


The Earth Mother, Mother of the Gods

Dev was the first God, she created the earth, the Gods, and the Elder Races and creatures. She is nature and the earth itself. She is the least involved in the struggles of mankind, and the most aloof. Some say that she was murdered and it caused the destruction of the Chaos. Others say that humanity angered her and she caused the Chaos as a punishment.


The Trickster, The Storm, The Unlucky

Enki is the goddess of change and chaos. She is the Goddess of storms and luck. She is fickle and petty, her only enduring passion is to overthrow established order.


The Conqueror, The Overlord, The Slaver

Char is the God of conquest. He is the God of the strong who dominate those weaker. 


The Assassin, The Witch, Mother of Madness

Besth is the Goddess of secret plots, forbidden knowledge, poison, and assassination. She is the Goddess of revenge and blood feud.


The Reaver, The Destroyer

Val is the God of slaughter, disease, pestilence, and rage.

The Old Gods

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