The Wolde

The Wolde is a patch of evergreen, aspen, and brush covered hills and broken ground east of the Mountains of Woe.  It is about 50 miles from Haven in the north to the Frozen hills to the south.

North of Haven lies the Red Mountains and North of that is an high, uninhabited plain. The dangerous Frozen Hills lie just south of the Wolde. To the south west is the mysterious Hills of Bone and to the south east, the  ever-changing grass lands of the Rolling Plain. 

The towering Mountains of Woe are rumored to be inhabited by ogres, giants, and fierce tribes of orcs as well as countless other dangerous and rare creatures. The tallest peaks are never free of snow and ice, and the wind and storms that blow down from them sometimes carries sounds of men and women moaning and sobbing in a strange, unknown language. 

To the east of the broken hills and sparse trees and brush of the Wolde, the land flattens out and the towering oaks of the Great Wood become older, more dense,  and perceptibly angry at any humanoid foolish enough to wander into their dark groves. Whispered tales speak of an ancient green dragon at the heart of the dark forest, and dozens of blood thirsty gnoll tribes inhabit the forest, south of the White River.

The last outpost of humanoid civilization, before the angry gloom of the Great Wood takes over, is the tree-top village of Arn.

The Wolde

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